Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is said by many to be the most beautiful sight in Africa

At the beginning of Kenya's great Northern Wilderness lies Lake Bogoria. The lake is the heart of an arid landscape, in the shadow of the dramatic walls of the Siracho Range. The soda waters of the lake attract massive flocks of Flamingo, and the lake is often carpeted with pink. Spectacular congregations of near threatened lesser flamingos estimated at up to 2 million birds occur at times, and several hundred thousand birds are often present. Flamingos at Lake BogoriaThe lake serves as a feeding refugee for these species during extreme conditions in other flamingo lakes. A total of 373 bird species have been recorded. In the recent past to date it has become the most stable home of the lesser flamingos. This is to an addition of over 310 resident and about 50 migratory species of birds.

Hot springs and geysers

The 32 sq km lake is still volcanically active, and the Western shore is lined with spouting geysers, spurting steam and bubbling geothermal pools. Hot water springs at the lake edge attract an abundance of birds and wildlife.

Wildlife is abundant around this oasis in an arid landscape

Bogoria National Reserve is the home of Africa’s most magnificent antelope the greater kudu and a host of other savannah wildlife: zebra, impala, Grant’s gazelle, klipspringer, buffalo, dikdik and Patas monkey among others. Predators include leopard, cheetah, hyenas, mongoose, jackal and occasional sightings of karakul. About 30 mammal species abound in the reserve.

The jewel of the Great Rift Valley

Lake Bogoria has been described in the past as the Jewel of the Great Rift Valley and by the words of Bishop Hannington on his first sight, 'The most beautiful view in Africa'. With the back-drop of the Eastern Wall of the Great Rift valley, it’s a stunning beauty that has always enchanted its visitors. The contrast in colours from the grasslands into the Lake and the sky above can only describe the place as Natures’ studio.

Caution:- The hot spring water is extremely hot, the water gushing out is at boiling point and all our esteemed visitors are forewarned to be extra careful while in this part of the park